DINet is dedicated to introducing the restaurant community and local industry to the World Wide Web. We offer services ranging from securing your website, writing web pages, servicing your site and pages.

The Internet is finding its way into all of our lives through personal computers, business computers online, and even to our home television sets. The public is viewing more and more of the internet with anticipation and curiosity. We would like to offer you the opportunity to be there first. With this presence, you are in view of a vast audience that can go directly to you.

Your web page can host photos, instructions, maps, or text information designed to your specifications; getting out the message faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before.

Please check back soon for new links to the new sites in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area... We are currently redesigning our site to better describe the services we offer, for any pricing and package information, please feel free to send email or call. Thank you for your patience.

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