Proposal Pricing:

Domain Name Search:

Your company name can be registered with the InterNIC as your web page address. Ex.: This name can only be used once on the web. If you wish to use a name, you must research if the name is in use before you register. We will research this search for you and advise your status. The fee for this service will be $50.

Domain Name Registration:

To register your name with the InterNIC would be a two year registration fee of $150, and $75 per year starting with the third year. This will register your domain name such as with the InterNIC, the authority over name registration on the Internet. In compliance with the rules and regulations of the InterNIC, you must have the domain name active on a dedicated server. If you decide not to post a webpage immediately, you may also reserve a domain name on our server at a fee of $5/month. An alternative name designation is a locality in the form of, at the cost of $75 for the first two years, and $50/year starting with the third year.

Web Page Design:

Our staff of experienced web page designers and graphics designers can create the page to represent your company. Using text supplied by you, photographic material supplied by you, a page will be created to meet with your approval. The fee for web page creation is a standard $300 for the first page, and $250 for additional pages. A page implies an average of 3 graphics, 5 links, and 500 words. In addition, graphic design and whatever other features you desire are available upon request.

Web Page Hosting and Virtual Web Sites:

Now that the pages are designed to your satisfaction, there are two options to presenting your pages.

First, Web Page Hosting on our server where clients may come to the server page where you are listed. This fee would be a setup of $50, and $50/month; and $10/month for each additional page.

Virtual Web Sites will give you your own direct presence on the World Wide Web. This allows your page to be accessed with your own domain name. Fees for this service are $50 setup, and $50/month; and $25/month each additional page. These services include an email address which may be active on our servers or forwarded to an existing email address.

Additional Services:

Email FAX Forwarding: An alternative to logging on and checking email, we can arrange for your email received to be sent directly to your fax machine daily for only $10/month.

Additional Email Boxes: If you would like additional contact addresses for your staff, additional boxes are available on our server for $6/month or forwarding to an existing email address for $3/month.

Advanced Web Page Design: We have available advanced web page creations such as forms, tables, frames, CGI scripts, JAVA applications, and much more which can be integrated into your page design. Please inquire as to the opportunities to the full potential of your site.


Development of all services upon agreement of contract requires 50% down; and 50% upon completion of work. Monthly fees are due in advance.

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